Traditional Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil

The ultimate and traditional celebration food is Crawdaddy's. This year, Fat Tuesday comes early and early for Crawfish. Typical seasonality is late March to August. With Louisiana local farm raising Crawfish is now available live in limited quantity as early as December. With prices ranging as high as $6.00 per lb. (Pre Season: December) to as low as $3.00 per lb. (Peak Season: June).

My favorite live mudbugs come from Louisiana Crawfish in Alexandria Louisiana. Maybe it's that good soil out of the Red River. This company ships worldwide; whenever and wherever, I know I can get my good ole Crawdaddy's.

Cooking Tip: Early season Crawfish called Field Run are typically small with harder shells. The best cooking method for these is to add butter to your boil to soften the shells.


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