Robert "Bobby" Joseph Bouyer was born into a cultural melting pot.  He developed a love for cooking and a career as an accomplished culinarian and business owner motivated by his diverse background and experiences.


​At an early age he was inspired by rustic Sicilian home cooking by his Grandmother Rosella Disclafani.  On the other side of town, he was raised with a true expert of southern low country cooking with Grandmother Versie Blunt, who opened his eyes and taste buds.  Growing up in kitchens with grandparents whose authentic nature and passion was contagious; whose knowledge felt never-ending; and whose ability to bring family and friends together around a table of great food were many of the lessons Chef Bobby values today.


Living in amazing food towns like Louisiana, Chicago, Virginia, and New York helped create fantastic food experiences and an even better professional palate.  In the late 90's attending culinary school was an opportunity to see the world through food.  His first introduction to French cooking techniques in the "Le Cordon Bleu" style shaped his foundation and gave him the tools to combine his passion, artistic nature, and business intelligence into a career as a Chef. 

Background Timeline